Planets and Asteroids

Dimension: width 60 x height 60 cm
– 12 blown glass pieces 90 to 30 mm in diameter
– inclusion of materials and precious metals
– steel mounting

Desires and aspirations, close and distant, of fire or ice, each of them create a ballet elliptical.
This perpetual movement and change, past, present and future bind us and connect us to this divine universe.

Dimension width 65 x height 80 cm
– 14 pieces in blown glass with inclusion of materials and precious metals
– The largest diameter 65 mm x 140 mm long, the smallest 30 mm in diameter
– steel and stainless steel wire assembly

Glitter of light, chance or necessity, ancestors of comets, these stars evolve in this variegated movement
According to their own metamorphosis in this cosmic and creative alchemy of the universe.

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