Kokoro means “soul or heart” in Japanese.
Dimension H 45 cm x W 35 cm – 9 blown glass bubbles from 50 to 30 mm in diameter
– inclusion of shiny gold, platinum, red gold
– adjustment ring and glass bells
– italian leather
– steel mounting

Sculpture or necklace, why choose?
Depending on your wandering mood, Kokoro will be sometimes one, sometimes the other. Its steel structure, like an unshakeable plinth, evokes the elegant bars of gymnasts. The empty spaces, in which the blown pearls, adorned with precious metal inclusions, can mysteriously slide, delight in the changes in the position of the necklace.
Magical couples are created : glass-steel, full-empty, balance-asymmetry, softness-strength.

Do you want to acquire this sculpture ?
It can be sold at the workshop by appointment,
by Click & Collect or by postal service.